So I’m Posting Again…

It’s been years since I’ve posted here. I stumbled across this whole thing and saw that I had well over 600 people following me. I’ve also been considering getting back into the whole “blogging” thing again, so I figure I might as well go back to my adoring fan base, many of which have sent me emails, comments, Tweets and other communications over the years wanting me to come back. I guess I owe these people some sort of explanation about what’s went on with me, the other site I had going and what things are like for me now.

Why I Switched Sites

I originally switched over to a different website so that I had more control over my content, placing ads, etc. I had sold advertising directly to a couple of people, but I was having problems with that on the WordPress domain. One of them decided to stop paying me after a couple of months, and one of them went out of business within six months, so that was kind of a flop. I was pretty burnt out on writing about the things I was writing about, and I had a lot going on in my life, so I decided to stop, and the sites sat there for a while (somewhere in the range of 12-18 months after that).

Eventually I took the sites down completely because I didn’t want something I’d said that would “offend” someone eventually come back to bite me in the ass, especially since I hadn’t really put a lot of effort into keeping this blog and my personal life separate.

What Has Changed

I’m in a position in my life now where my desire to help people is back up, largely because I’ve taken better care of myself and dealt with a lot to get in a much more established and stable personal situation as far as moving, getting my business running on a higher level, etc. In addition to that, I’m at a point where I don’t really care if someone knows about my personal beliefs because it can’t really affect me all that much now if someone gets “offended” and decides to drag my name through the mud for some reason.

Plans for the Blog

My plan is to continue writing about the same sort of thing that my readers seemed to really enjoy and to not care so much about monetizing anything or taking it in that direction. I just want to use this as a vehicle to help people with their relationships and personal lives without feeding them the same load of crap that made them miserable in the first place.


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