My Household Explained

It’s probably worth discussing my own household here to some degree, especially since this is going to be my blog and all, and I like to use examples from my own life.

The Three of Us

At the time of this writing, I’m 31 years old, and I live in rural North Carolina. I live with two girls, who I’ll affectionately call Ginger and Lola for the purposes of this blog. I got those names by looking up the most popular stripper names and picked out two that kind of fit. Kind of. I personally think it’s hilarious, but I promise that they both have much more normal, typical “white girl” names.

Ginger is 25, and she’s a short, thick (but not fat) redhead. I’ll be getting married to her if nothing gets too crazy, and I’ve been with her for a little over 3.5 years with her living with me for a little over two of that.

Lola is 20, and she’s a tall, thick (but not fat) dark brunette. She’s planning to stay with us over the particularly long term, and Ginger and I generally introduce her as our girlfriend. I’ve known her for almost three years, and she’s lived with Ginger and I for almost a year and a half.

Both of them are pretty much love the shit out of myself and each other so much that they can’t stand it. I’ll most likely talk a lot more about this in the future.

How the Household Runs

I’m very clearly the head of the household. If you want to get into all kinds of complicated terminology, then some people would call us an example of patriarchal polyamory in the form of a closed triad. The closed part means that we don’t have sex with anyone outside of the three of us. However, I don’t like to use the polyamorous label because there are connotations of everyone just having sex with whoever they feel like it whenever they want to, inside or outside of the household, and that’s not the case. Some “poly” folks will even claim it’s not “real polyamory” if you don’t do that, and though they’re wrong, I just prefer to avoid the whole shitshow.

I’m a self-employed writer and do most of the work and pay the bills of the household like the rent, power, Internet, etc. Each of the girls works and pays their own individual bills like their car insurance and cell phone. Ginger is currently in school, and I’m going to be putting Lola’s ass into school this coming fall.

I think that pretty much covers the basics of my household and how it runs. If I think of anything else that should be added here, I’ll post it up.


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