Managing Two Women For the Long Run

In My Household Explained, I broke down some basic information about how I’m 31/m and live with a 25/f and 20/f, both of which I have relationships with. When people find out about this, the first questions I usually get are about sex, so let’s just go ahead and say that we all get naked around each other so that’s out of the way. What I really want to talk about here is managing both women as a part of a functioning household because it holds a lot of lessons no matter how many women (or lack thereof) you’re dealing with that I think my typical reader will enjoy.

A Focus on the Future

The first thing you have to realize is that I have a huge focus on the future. Everything starts with the vision that I have for us 6-8 years down the road, and every decision that I make centers around what will maximize our chances of reaching our goals for that point in time to fulfill that vision. This includes a rough timeline that’s subject to change as needed, but the basic ideas always stay the same.

So if I break down that vision, it’s something like the following. Ginger and I are married, and Lola lives with us in what will be either our permanent residence or the place we’re at right before we move into our permanent residence. Both of the girls either have jobs that pay well that they enjoy, they have their own business that they’re running, or they’re working for me as a part of my business. I want to have transitioned from the full-time writing business to building and managing web properties full-time, and I have all kinds of ideas about what I want for our permanent residence that aren’t all that important for our purposes here. Both of them are in excellent shape and look hot as fuck, they’re both extremely happy, and we all have a lot of sex with each other.

The Vision as a Guide

If we start with that vision, and if we want everything to be geared towards achieving that vision, then a lot of decisions in the present become easier and our goals for the short-term become pretty easy to define. For example, I have both girls hitting the gym three times each week, and if I need to, then I pay for gym memberships, personal trainers, shoes, clothes and whatever else needs to be paid for to make this happen.

In the long-term, this will help us to achieve aspects of the vision I outlined above related to how they look, how they feel about themselves and how much sex we’re all having. The confidence they get from not letting themselves go as they approach 30 (like most women seem to do) will help them in their jobs, business and everything else they do, which in turn will also help their mental health.

For another example of how this vision works as a guide, I clearly need both girls to have a skill set that allows them to be employed in something they care about. For Lola, for example, she really enjoys graphic design, Photoshop and photography. Along these lines, I’m going to make sure she gets her ass through school for something like a graphic design program, and I’ve been encouraging her for more than a year to put a lot of work into learning Photoshop on her own through huge tutorial series and other online instructional material. She’s taken advantage of the opportunities that have been put in front of her in a major way, and she’s well on her way to either being a valued employee or working for herself.

There’s a lot more that goes into this, but I just wanted to introduce the idea of the vision, how that shapes how I handle these girls and what goes into it. I’ll get more into how I handle the day-to-day situations that come up in a future post.


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